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re- /ree/  prefix

(1) indicating return to a previous condition, restoration, withdrawl, etc: renew; rebuild; retrace.

(2) indicating a repetition of action: recopy; remarry.

grade /grād/  verb

(1) to arrange in a series of grades; sorts; class: a machine grades two thousand eggs per hour.

(2) a measure of slope, especially the vertical distance between to points on a slope.

Regrade Seattle /ree grād sɪˈæt ə l/ noun

(1) The forced removal of Denny Hill, lasting from 1902-1911, that provided a flat area to build a downtown upon.

(2) A Seattle-focused art blog.



Regrade Seattle is a blog by T. Craig Sinclair, a Seattle-area resident, art enthusiast, and psuedo-intellectual.

The regrading of Denny Hill marked a pivotal point in Seattle’s history, where humans were audacious enough to imagine a city beyond the confines of its natural topography. Whether wise or not, the city leaders who planned and executed the regrade gave a second look to the idea of Seattle, imagining a new possibility and, by doing so, dramatically altering Seattle’s history.

Like the actual regrade, Regrade Seattle is an attempt to re-visit. But this time, Regrade Seattle revisits art around Seattle to give an alternative look: grading art not necessarily by quality, but by a third factor; extracting not a meaning from an exhibition or piece, but a new context that might add meaning for another viewer. It’s a new grade. A re-grade.

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